June 11, 2013 – And So it Begins. Pumamarca0

Today, was our first day in the community of Pumamarca and I have to say that I was very emotional the entire day. As soon as I stepped out of the car I was immediately transported to my humble beginnings back in my small town of Ixtlahuacan Del Rio, Jalisco. The houses build from ado

June 10, 2013 – Getting Ready for Courses and Biochar in Peru0

We started off the day by holding a team meeting for the biochar project to reconfirm our goals and establish a schedule now that we are here.  Main team members are Jesus and Abiola, but others have said they will help out.  Our main goal is to create sufficient biochar to create sev

Ciprian & Julia – Making Their First Biochar in Peru0

e are thrilled that Ciprian and his wife Julia (Pumamarca residents) have asked if they could borrow the pyrolyzer to make biochar and incorporated to their fields. He believes in the project and wants to be the first member of the community to apply it to his fields. He dreams of bei

Students Help Increase Crop Production in Peru0

A new company started by Arizona State University students will help farmers in Peru, and eventually in other under-developed countries around the world, to cost-effectively increase their crop production with the use of an ancient method of soil improvement called terra preta, or “da

Students Win Grant to Tackle Global Poverty0

Students in Arizona State University’s College of Technology and Innovation (CTI) are recipients of a $10,000 HCD (human centered design) Connect Microgrant administered by to advance their project to tackle global poverty. The genesis of ASU’s winning project was a class cal