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June 9 – Tooling around Cusco0

  We had originally planned to visit the community where we are introducing biochar on Monday (June 10) but that has been moved to Tuesday because they have a community council meeting.  So we have another day to prepare for the community and, since this is really our first day i

June 8 – Amazing Machu Picchu0

June 8 – Amazing Machu Picchu We arose at 4:30 to have breakfast at 5 and catch the 6:00 bus to get there before the crowds and it worked really well.  The bus ride is up a switch-back road for about 20 minutes that leaves you off outside the main entrance gate.  We had our tick

June 7 – Travel to Machu Picchu0

June 7 – Travel to Machu Picchu We left on June 7 by a reserved van to the Sacred Valley at Ollantaytambo where we caught the Peruvian train to Aquas Calientes, the doorway to Machu Picchu.  The trip was all downhill to about 9000 ft which was designed to help us acclimate to th

June 6 – Arrival in Cusco0

For 7 people I think we had 4 different flights to Cusco from Lima.  Abiola and I left at 5:25 AM, flew to Cusco, tried to land and were diverted back to Lima because of low visibility.  Gerry, Meredith and Stephanie were diverted to Arequipa, Peru.  Erin and Jesus were on different f

June 5, 30130

June 5 was filled with highs and a bit of stress that all came out just fine in the end.  I left Phoenix at 10AM to Houston on an uneventful flight (after going first to the wrong terminal at Sky Harbor and having to drive to the United terminal – I guess I should have taken tha

Last Minute Preparations0

We all leave tomorrow on different flights from different places (Phoenix, San Francisco, San Antonio) and have been getting ready by reading up on Peru and contributing to a Google Doc about Peruvian history, medicine and healthcare, agriculture, family life and other topics that we