Julia, Ciprian, Dr. Mark Henderson, Edwar Escalante (Director of Andes Libres, our partner in Peru) and Abiola Dorehty (Team Member).

e are thrilled that Ciprian and his wife Julia (Pumamarca residents) have asked if they could borrow the pyrolyzer to make biochar and incorporated to their fields. He believes in the project and wants to be the first member of the community to apply it to his fields. He dreams of being able to produce enough crops to finally start selling part to a market in Cusco. This would allow him to have a reliable source of income enabling him to have money for other needs.

Other community members have mentioned their interest but they are hesitant to apply biochar in their fields. We are hoping that once they are able to see results in Ciprian’s fields they will be more willing to try biochar as an alternative to slash & burn and reduce their dependance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


Ciprian mixed Cuy (Hamster) manure with the biochar, before incorporating it to the soil. Biochar needs to be mixed with a fertilizer (synthetic or organic) in order to be more efficient.
Ciprian is applying the biochar + Cuy (hamster manure) before sowing the seeds.
Ciprian has finished sowing the gladiolus. He hopes to see results in a month!