For 7 people I think we had 4 different flights to Cusco from Lima.  Abiola and I left at 5:25 AM, flew to Cusco, tried to land and were diverted back to Lima because of low visibility.  Gerry, Meredith and Stephanie were diverted to Arequipa, Peru.  Erin and Jesus were on different flights, yet but didn’t have to divert, so we all got to Cusco by 5:00 PM.  It was great to see Edwar at the airport.  He met us all individually and took us to Andes Libres headquarters.  Our first joint experience was to visit a grocery on the way to our accommodations where we stocked up on water bottles, cereal, juice, coca candy for altitude acclimatization and, of course, chips.  Three of us went to the home of Senora Salis, who is a wonderful host for us.  The others went to an apartment in a high rise building with four bedrooms, kitchen, living room and small kitchen.  We went to Neley’s restaurant down the street for dinner.   The food was good.  The specialty in Peru is Pollo de la Brasas.   Feeling good about the trip now that everyone is here.

Source: Mark Henderson