June 5 was filled with highs and a bit of stress that all came out just fine in the end.  I left Phoenix at 10AM to Houston on an uneventful flight (after going first to the wrong terminal at Sky Harbor and having to drive to the United terminal – I guess I should have taken that as omen of the day).  We were all traveling separately and meeting at the food court in Lima, Peru airport.  I was first to arrive at 10PM.  Gerry and Stephanie arrived around 12:30 and it sure was nice to see them.  Abiola arrive soon after so we have four of us plus Tom, a retired serious traveler who has visited over 100 countries and was going to Machu Picchu.  Meredith and Erin were supposed to arrive between midnight and 1:00 but we never did see them before taking off for Cusco early in the morning.   Jesus’ airline had changed his flight so he would miss his Cusco flight so he was to arrive around 6AM and fly to Cusco at 10.  Erin and Meredith and Jesus are all smart seasoned travelers so it all worked out.  Erin was at the gate for the next flight after not being able to find us in the food court and Meredith had a reservation at a youth hostel and went to get a few hours of sleep before flying to Cusco.  None of us had working cell phones so I bought one for about $40 including 120 minutes of international calling. Erin rented a cell phone so at least two of us had ways to communicate both with each other and with Edwar, our host at Andes Libres.

We all arrived at Andes Libres by 5:00 PM on June 6 and started our in-country adventure.

Source: Mark Henderson